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toured to bloomingdale in northwest. this time, they were spared the worst. schools and the government will reopening of tomorrow. clogs the efforts to restore customers were still in dark, the outages remain mostly in northern virginia. dominion reports more than an 54,000. are still about 6500 the dark. bge reporting 2600 in montgomery surrounding areas. >> it's not just sitting at home .n the dark are at columbia pike and buchanan. out here at this intersection. people are being cautious treating this as a four-way stop. all of their have customers' fully restored by night.w in virginia, it will take a little longer. to have everyone back in business by thursday evening. residents are holding out as best they can. many residents remain in the dark. lights out when gale e winds toppled this tree. >> we heard the three crushings was every half an hour. >> the northern area was hit the hardest. than 200,000 were without power during the peak. >> her family feared the worst. we were really scared. >> they have offered to bring in generator later today. >> this car in aspen hill, md., wa
government. >> some found the sentence adequate. >> the voters know what he was guilty of. >> his lawyer told this by phone he will ask the judge to suspend a six day jail time and to cut the probation from three years to two years. sentencing is set for november 13. the u.s. attorney says he did not seek a harsher sentence because brown inc. and resigned from his council job and also had no prior criminal history. on the same day that he was sentenced to will also be sentenced in d.c. superior court for a misdemeanor in terms of handling of campaign funds. >> the man accused of throwing pipe bombs at the homes of two members of the stafford county sheriff's department have been caught in montana. lawrence to work made it to montana after throwing an explosives at three different homes in virginia on tuesday morning. he is said to have been caught while driving with stolen license plates. he reportedly tossed firebombs at the police who were chasing him. he was arrested and no one was hurt. a news conference is taking place tonight and we will update you on abc 7 news at 11 >> 5 days until t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2